Batch Program:

- To append net configuration with date & time in a file

About output:

Output may defer according to system so, write the code and execute/run your batch file

@echo off
echo %DATE% >> F:\info.txt
echo %TIME% >> F:\info.txt
ipconfig >> F:\info.txt


  DATE, Time & net configuration will be saved inside file path "F:\info.txt", 

  if file is not found it will generate it &

  If file found it will append(write after already present content) the file.

After writing the code, Double-click your batch file, your DATE, Time & net configuration get stored inside specified file path

:: cmd to store DATE
  echo %DATE% >> [File_Path_Name]
:: cmd to store TIME
  echo %TIME% >> [File_Path_Name]
:: cmd to store net configuration
  ipconfig >> [File_Path_Name]

You can store any other command details inside a file

:: Syntax to store & append any CMD output
  YOUR_CMD >> [File_Path_Name]

Coming Soon !



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